The seriously hilarious, surprisingly heartfelt and completely unauthorized musical parody of the hit tv show, scandal.

Welcome to the life and times of Olivia Pope, Washington D.C.'s most well known crisis manager and undercover crisis. Fixing things with the help of her questionable, unquestioning associates - her gladiators in suits, willing to do whatever, wheenver, however nonsensical in may seem to you (if it's in the script, it can't be wrong.)

So buckle up, because Olivia's life is complicated and thanks to unfinished business with a romance from her past (present, and let's be real, future), things are about to get messy.

Whether you're a diehard fan or have never spend a minute in Shondaland, you'll be laughing along in no time and still singing the songs days later. It's Scandal. It's a musical. It's Scandusical! And you're gonna love it.


BOOK/LYRICS/MUSIC by Janice Lagata

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What was supposed to be a 4 show run, like so many things, was cut short by COVID-19 and Social Distance.  But we look forward to getting back on our feet and reconvening, someday, somehow...

In the meantime (literally - what a mean time this is!) keep up with us on Instagram