I think American Christianity is way more American than Christian.”

— Janice Lagata

Welcome to The Divide

A poignant and insightful commentary on race, religion, womanhood and their intersectionality. 

In this collection of poetry, Janice Lagata grapples with what it is to be Black, a woman, and a Christian in an America that has proven to be hostile to the first two identities and distorted on the third. 

A wordsmith whose wordplay is so purposeful—sharp and incisive, yet emotive—Lagata challenges herself, questions (white) Christian America, laments broken relationships, and wrestles with God, all while examining the divide, not just in America, but in ourselves.

We've started with 
using our words, 
because everything 
has to start someplace; 
but when I was a child 
I spoke as a child, 

and we're still children 
speaking about race.

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